David's ten tips for selecting a group cruise


David’s 10 Tips for Selecting a Group Cruise
1. Decide on the region in the world that your group wishes to cruise in.
2. Choose a timeframe for the cruise and the desired length of the cruise.
3. Find out which cruise lines offer your destinations during your timeframe and obtain pricing in whichever cabin categories you will require. 
4. Does the group wish to support a nonprofit organization or a worthwhile cause through your cruise? Some cruise lines will donate a certain amount of money per group cabin toward the group’s charitable cause.
5. Decide on any activities the group might be interested in including any pre- or post-cruise tours.  
6. Determine if your group has a need for meeting space.
7. What is the approximate size of your group and the ages of the cruisers including any children? 
8. Have the members of your group cruised before and on what cruise line(s)? What level of service is the group expecting? Do you prefer assigned seating at a group table or freestyle dining? Is the group interested in reserving any available specialty restaurants?
9. Compare the benefits that the different cruise lines offer to groups. What is the cruise lines policies on deposits and refunds?
10. Work with a cruise agent that is experienced in working with groups and can answer all your questions and handle all the details. A good cruise agent can help you promote the cruise with flyers, a cruise night, document party, etc.



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